Some numbers

November 13th, 2008

Every now and then we pull off reports from the database to Ooo and Arrr over numbers and see what’s happening, making sure things are ticking over nicely.

Just to let you know a little about the community, to date there are over 9300 formatpixel users who between them have created over 9100 projects and 7300 of them are currently active! The image servers currently holds just over 10,500 bit’s of media and over the last 6 months has served up 979,135 bit’s of media for viewers of formatpixel projects.

We are still seeing a gradual increase from month to month which is encouraging.

And in case your wondering what we are up to, well apart from sitting around drinking tea and dunking biscuits, we are hard at word building the next version for formatpixel. It’s going to be a complete rethink and rewrite. We are taking on board all the comments and feedback we have had and hope to create something a little bit special …

Happy publishing :)

5 Responses to “Some numbers”

  1. marina Says:

    i’m think about get an Apple package to have some more space… but before i need to know two things:
    1 – will i be able to use my adreess MYWEBSITE.COM or i will always have to use formatpixel/mywebsite ?
    2 – i cant upload images to my project using my mac, it just keep “loading…”. When i use my pc it works fine! If i get this package, will i be able to use my mac to work on my projects?
    hope i get some reply, is very hard to contact u, i’v tried many times…

    thanks a lot

  2. formatpixel team Says:

    Hi there!

    Just to answer a couple of the questions:

    1 – You can use a formatpixel project on your own site by using the JavaScript embed code. All you will need to do is upload a page to your server with the code and it will load in your published project.

    2 – Hmmm, this maybe a problem with the version of the flash plugin. It’s a know problem on some versions of Leopard and Flash:

    We are however looking for work arounds. If your able to send us the exact setup your using (OS version, Browser, Flash plugin version) that would help …


  3. marina Says:

    thanks a lot… that is ok, i will work on the pc…
    i got the apple package already, but i have more than 100 pages do upload! pls, dont tell me i have to upload every single one! there is no way to upload the whole folder, or to select all of them together??? cheers!

  4. formatpixel team Says:

    Yes I’m afraid you have to upload media 1 at a time…

  5. Toby Grant Says:

    Just great post! I’d never have discovered this by myself!

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