Images bug fixed!

July 28th, 2008

We have just updated the editor and player (0.173.03) to load transparent PNG’s correctly! They will now display with their transparent settings in tact. (Thanks to eblurb for pointing it out!!)

This fix has been rolled out across online and offline players.

Apologies for the delay in this fix!
Happy publishing :)

Export Mac and PC

The export project function has been put back and made live for all account holders with packages greater than Vanilla, along with Mac support.

Once you have downloaded the created ZIP file to your desktop, PC users double click the ‘fpplayer_pc.exe’ icon to begin your project. Mac users, extract the ‘fpplayer_mac.hqx’ file and then run the extracted projector file.

You can copy the projects onto CDROM’s or other devices for offline playback. Please note that off line project’s do not support YouTube videos and are ignored in projects.


A nice and simple portfolio project by pamela. Clear and crisp page layouts, use the link below to view:

My Portfolio – by pamela

fryday switch update

March 7th, 2008

The server switch has now been completed, our thanks for your patience and also to MediaTemple for providing the new hosting platform. Along with the new hosting, a complete site rewrite has been rolled out, and although not much may have appeared to change visually behind the scenes lot’s of changes have taken place!

The editor which has been in beta for the last 6months is now fully released (0.172.08) This provides full support of the animation options and motion map in the editor. (Further information about the motion features can be read here Beta editor released – 0.171.27)

User url’s have been slightly modified so if you are linking to your projects or user’s page please update your links. The old linking will continue to work but we will be phasing this out in the months to come. The new style of linking is as follows,

To link to a User’s home page use (Replacing usersName):


To link to a project use (replacing projectID with the number):


On the user side, we have reached over 6400 users and part of the reason for changing the hosting was to handle the new load and provide enough expansion for the years to come.

By the end of March the ‘Export’ function will be back in place also with support for Mac projects! The Export Project function allow’s you to save a project onto your harddisk for buring to CDROM’s, USB sticks and playing them back off line.

Thanks for your patience in the server switch, if you find any bugs or have any comments then drop us a line!!
Happy Publishing

News and Project Highlight

November 21st, 2007

Project Highlight

It’s been a while so though we’d share this project from Ubikeuropa.

Ubikeurope Newsletter – Nov 07

We are also pleased to announce that well over 5000 users are now using formatpixel to create online documents, thanks guys and happy publishing!